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The Welcome Wench: In Search of Elsie

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Believe it or not, I’m involved in about four ongoing D&D 4E games of various regularity – two of these are online affairs. Part of the long-term purpose of this blog is to help me keep track of progress for each of those. The game detailed below was run using MapTools and Ventrilo over the internet with my normal gaming group.

Dungeon Master:

  • Mike

Our Heroes:

  • Falon (Catt’s elf rogue)
  • Sammuael (Gary’s dwarf cleric)
  • Zarak (Tony’s human fighter)
  • (Robby’s paladin character missing this session)

Game Summary:

Having made quick work of a few rats in the cellar of the Inn of the Welcome Wench, our heroes enjoyed the good graces of the inn keeper and had a restful evening and hearty breakfast. The next morning they found that Elsie, the Bernarde family’s cow, had gone missing. Knowing Elsie was an important resource to the Inn of the Welcome Wench and cherished by barmaid Betty, they decided to investigate.

For the Bernarde family, Elsie provided milk and secondary income. Though the town had several farms with several other milk cows, the Bernarde family happened to know Robby’s character was an adventurer and sent to him for assistance.

The merry band soon found the area around the cow’s pen in disarray. Nearby they discovered the collapsed tunnel of a large burrowing creature. The team made a series of skill checks to trace the trail of the creature and found a large trench with sloping dirt walls some 60′ deep. Skittering down the sloping walls, they ambushed a large insectoid creature (Ankheg). As they bloodied the creature, 4 smaller ankhegs emerged from a nearby nest and joined the fight. Through grappling, acid spit, claws and mandibles our heroes fought until they brought the insects down.

As expected, they found the slain cow. But surprising wealth was also at hand. A hapless Halfling adventurer who had been slain by the beasties was found near the nest. Along with the remains, our heroes found a Bag of Holding, an Onyx Dog and 39 gp.

Loot was divided as follows…

Sammuael – 13 gp, Onyx Dog
Falon – 13 gp, Bag of Holding
Zarak – 13 gp, an Ankheg head as a trophy, and some prime rib from the cow

Total exp earned to date – 428 xp