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Catt’s 4E: The Day of the Dead

Previously in Winterhaven…

After defending Winterhaven castle from a siege by the Iron Circle, Lord Padraig sent the heroes to Albridge for reinforcements. They made their way beneath the castle, through the tomb of Prator (once thought to be a mythological “Wandering Warrior”) to the occupied town of Albridge. There they assembled an army of Dar Gremath, Reithann the druid, Bran Torsson’s soldiers, the Reedfoot Halflings and the Woodsinger Elves and led the resistance to Winterhaven and open warfare with the Iron Circle. The heroes killed the Iron Circle leader, Nazin Redthorn, liberated Winterhaven and freed Lord Padraig – though Dar Gremath was killed

At Padraig’s behest they then traveled to Gardmore to spy out the Iron Circle orcs entrenched there. They found much of the abbey overgrown by the feywild. They established an alliance with a small band of high elves led by Berrian Velfarren and rescued AnaLastra, his sister and crossed paths with another adventuring party in the orc village. They found and defeated the orc chieftain, his ettin guard, and his retinue.

At Dragon’s Roost, they cleared the ruined barracks of a carrion crawler and a bulette, explored a small hall infested with spiders, and found passage into the depths of the mountain – but turned back upon encountering a minotaur. They then cleared the summit temple of two deranged harpies.

The Defenders begin this session at Level 6 / 8340 XP

Hearing the wild war chants of the orcs below, the defenders were suddenly assaulted with two different realities. Visions of the heroic last stand of the knights of Gardmore as they defended the abbey from orcs, monsters, demons and worse contrasted with the relative quiet and calm of the temple. That’s when Father Zachary, amongst a vision of knightly splendor, surprised them on the mount. He had unknowingly fallen in with the rival band, but now sent them off on a ruse and rejoined his companions. Zachary then attempted to cleanse the temple. Unable to do so, he charged the party with recovering the temple implements – a chalice, a bowl, and a brazier – to aid him in his attempt.

The defenders once again found another passage into the depths of the mountain and entered into a great catacomb, filled with bones and room after room of sarcophagi. Within they encountered the distraught spirits of seven dead knights. Further in they defeated eight skeletal guardians. On this day of the dead, they continue their search for the implements and secrets of the temple…

The Defenders end this session at Level 6 / 9170 XP (830 XP this session)

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