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Catt’s 4E: The Temple Mount

Previously in Winterhaven…

After defending Winterhaven castle from a siege by the Iron Circle, the heroes were sent by Lord Padraig to Albridge for reinforcements. They made their way beneath the castle, through the tomb of Prator (once thought to be a mythological “Wandering Warrior”) to the occupied town of Albridge. There they secured the aid of a resistance army – Dar Gremath, Reithann the druid, Bran Torsson’s soldiers, the Reedfoot Halflings and the Woodsinger Elves. The heroes led the resistance in open warfare with the Iron Circle at Winterhaven. When Dar Gremath was captured by Nazin Redthorn, the Iron Circle leader, the heroes killed Redthorn, liberated Winterhaven and freed Lord Padraig – but at the cost of Dar’s life.

At Padraig’s behest they then traveled to Gardmore to gain info on the Iron Circle orcs entrenched there. There they found much of the abbey overgrown by the feywild. They established an alliance with a small band of high elves led by Berrian Velfarren and rescued AnaLastra, his sister. The defenders crossed paths with another adventuring party in the orc village – but unswayed defeated an ettin guard, the orc chieftain and his retinue.

The Defenders begin this session at Level 6 / 7500 XP

The defenders decided to take to the very heights of Gardmore to investigate the buildings of Dragon’s Roost – in particular the temple itself. As they approached the summit, they encountered a scout – one of Velfarren’s trusted guard – also reconnoitering the quiet mount. The elf, Adunaphel, joined their ranks as they approached the nearest ruin.

Together they explored the crumbling remnants of a barracks and were attacked by a carrion crawler and a bulette.

They then explored a small hall infested with spiders and found three pearls (worth 100gp each).

Within the hall they found stairs leading deep within the mountain – and encountered massive double bronze doors. Judging from the ominous sounds beyond, they decided to take a different route. They came upon a minotaur guard who warned them to leave their ancient subterranean temple grounds. They elected to the leave the minotaur and the labyrinth below unmolested and returned to the summit.

Next they explored the summit temple and were confronted by two deranged harpies donned in the grubby attire of priests of Bahamut. When the heroes joined battle with monsters within the walls of the temple, three stoic arch angels appeared and took vengeance on anyone doing physical damage (by weapon or claw) within the once holy place. An eye for an eye. With the judicious use of their offensive might, the defenders overcame the harpies and escaped the arch angels. With the temple once again quiet, the defenders found an ivory card (inscribed with Talons) hidden away within the altar and a +1 short sword.

The Defenders end this session at Level 6 / 8340 XP (840 XP this session)

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