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Catt’s 4E: You say Toads Wallow, I say Toad Swallow

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Previously in Winterhaven…

Having defended Winterhaven from the initial onslaught of the Iron Circle’s slavering horde, Lord Padraig sent the heroes to find Dar Gremath in Albridge to recruit reinforcements. They made their way beneath the castle, through the tomb of Prator (a Wandering Warrior who by common wisdom was thought to be mythological), and emerged close to Albridge – which was also occupied by Iron Circle mercenaries. Through stealth and disguise, they met up with Dar Gremath, the stable manager, and Reithann, the druid. Though Dar Gremath wanted to immediately begin guerrilla warfare against the Iron Circle, the heroes elected to take Reithann’s advice and win the aid of Bran Torsson. To do so, they needed to defeat a tribe of bullywugs that were harassing Tor’s Hold. Thus, they found themselves in Toadwallow Caverns surrounded by very unhappy frog-like humanoids.

The Heroes begin this session at Level 3 / 2605 XP

And now…

The heroes began an all out assault on the frogs, their magic wielding but cowardly leader, and a couple of gray oozes. Though the leader cast powerful spells from the relative safety of the large dragon skull, oozes threatened to melt their bones, and Soklo’s bear fell victim to a hidden quagmire, they overcame and secured a potion of healing, a flawed sapphire worth 50 gp, 160 gp  and some magical arm bands – Feyleaf Vambraces.

As they took a quick breather, an inquisitive croak called from the mouth of the cavern. Akhan bluffed an answer in kind allowing the heroes to take a returning raiding party of frogs by surprise. Finneal sprung into action and did massive damage to the first of the frogs to enter the cavern. In the fray, Dau’um was swallowed whole by a giant frog, another regurgitated a recently swallowed Halfling boy, Finneal discovered a Lucky Coin and the heroes ultimately overcame the frogs. All survived, even the boy. Finneal escorted the boy to the Reedfoot Clan and secured their aid in the upcoming liberation of Winterhaven. The rest of the party returned to Bran Torsson with proof of their deeds and likewise secured his allegiance and that of his men.

Bran bid them to return to the outskirts of Albridge where he would meet them to make final preparations. However, upon their return a satiated Dar Gremath and his ragged band of rebels had already overcome the Iron Circle mercenaries occupying Albridge. Satisfied with their grim work, but fewer in number as a result of it, the rebels bid the heroes to secure additional help from the Woodsinger Elves of Winterbole Forest. The heroes agreed and found themselves on a lonely march northward into the humid wood.

It was warm, almost stifling, under the canopy of the forest, and not a breath of wind stirred. As they peered into the forest gloom, they heard a voice, “Hold there, strangers! We would speak with you.” A moment later an elf dressed in a short tunic of brown and green stepped into the open and advanced, a bow in his hand. “I am Israfen of the Woodsingers,” he said. “I see that you are not of the forest, and you do not look like mercenaries of the lron Circle. Who are you, and what is your business in the Winterbole?”

Upon hearing their plight, Israfen replied, ‘‘This is a matter for Eriyel. Come, follow me.” They were led to a small elven encampment in a clearing by a forest stream. There, Israfen introduced Eriyel, an elf woman of middle years with dark eyes and long green-gold hair – the chief of the Woodsinger clans.

Eriyel was reserved and patient. Though she let the heroes make their case, she was firmly against the idea of sending her people into someone else’s war. She required that the heroes prove their sincerity (and demonstrate their competence) by dealing with a problem troubling the forest elves – a poisoned portion of the wood. Whispering to their steeds, she imparted directions to the affected area.

The horses followed a worn cart path into the wood. Within a few miles, webs clung to the branches of the nearby trees. A ramshackle covered wagon was parked on the trail near a fetid pool. Akhan was able to discern that it had been pulled by lizard-like animals, though none could now be found. And three distracted goblins lounged atop a rotten wooden scaffold erected over the pool. Sneaking into position, the party felled the goblins and found that giant tree spiders quickly emerged to consume the dead – but turned on the heroes when they sensed the threat. The party downed the four spiders – and only then paused to take account of their surroundings.

The Heroes end this session at Level 3 / 3102 XP (497 XP this session)

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