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Pyramid of Karavakos: Part Two

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Ah my good friends, it has been much, much too long!

With the holidays behind us, my D&D-loving brethren and I finally reconvened our search for Karavakos. As I mentioned before, we’re all digital now. This session, I upped the ante by bringing in a rooted Nook Color loaded with all manner of dice rollers, pdf readers and power card apps to supercharge my electronic gaming goodness. I rolled ’em all electronically and verily it was fast and it was good!

In this edition, Gorn and his four companions battle through waves of undead, seeking the mysterious Karavokos and, ultimately, a way home.

As always, all downloads are posted in the widget in the sidebar to the right. Pop on over there and download “Pyramid of Karavakos Campaign Newsletter Vol 2!” Or see all files available for download and grab them from here.