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Day 13: A Silky Clue

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Though it feels like ages ago, it was just this morning that we were attacked by a band of four lizard folk. We dispatched them quickly, but I can’t help but wonder what has driven these hermit-like folk to grow so aggressive.

Assured by the attack that we were on the right trail, we continued following the lizards’ tracks into the forest, until we came upon a crude altar. A quick search revealed a useable, but crude, set of manacles. Upon closer inspection I found a patch of spider silk on the manacles – this clue has convinced us that the lizard folk have sacrificed the child in a misguided attempt to appease an assumed spider god. We have abandoned the lizards’ trail and are forging deeper into the darkening wood. Though the dense canopy overhead limits our visibility, it is becoming easier to pick out the large webs that surround us. Though the tree tops rustle with the sound of a light breeze, the air is strangely still and the forest deathly quiet. Many in our stalwart band have expressed reservations about continuing on, but Ji E’tah insists that we see this trail through. I hope, and fear, that we will find the girl at the end of it.

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Day 12: Missing Persons

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I met up with the rest of our band just as the Sergeant at Arms bid them to search for a missing child just outside of town. We traveled two miles from Orlan to another small farmhouse by the river. The child’s parents, fraught with grief, bid us to search for their daughter, Macherra by name, along the river. Though none of us are skilled trackers, it was not difficult to pick up the trail of a band of lizardmen that apparently intercepted the girl’s tracks. As the light fails us, we are making camp and will resume our search on the morrow.

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Day 11: Home Again

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday we made it back it town and entrusted the valued egg to the local authorities. They have constructed a crude incubator for its safekeeping as we continue our investigation. Though it took a few trips, we ferried back the equipment from our slain foes, the brigands at Lerope’s and the kobolds – all told we sold the haul for 900 gold. I have returned to Erorpe’s house in hopes of meeting those who gave him the map – but with so many days gone, I fear they are lost to us.

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Catt’s D&D Treasure Log

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve added the widget to the site to support file sharing (what a fantastic widget!). As the first offering, you’ll find a PowerPoint template for use in logging loot you find in your campaign. If there is any interest in a version that isn’t restricted to PowerPoint, let me know and I’ll work a PDF version. You can also find all files that are available for download and grab them from here.

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Day 9: Bones and Trees

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

My hands still shake as I write this entry. We were ambushed on the way back home. Though I have seen undead, and worse than that this past few days, nothing prepared me for seeing the bleached bones of animated skeletons rise up the earth and attack us. For a moment, I was a child back in the forest around Rel Deven watching as our prized orchard turned to bone. It was not until Brannick vanquished the horrors with a word from Pelor that I regained my wits.

It was only then that I noticed the real threat, an evil mage and the cleric who had brought forth the monstrosities. We were able to dispatch the cleric, but the mage has fled. Suddenly home seems a lot further away.

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Day 7: Secrets Told

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The battle is over and the fortress has fallen. Having fought through the host of kobolds in the mess hall, our fears of a larger army in wait proved unfounded. In fact, the kobolds that we did encounter were infants – defenseless and disgusting. None among us had the will to slay them, so we left them – perhaps to feast upon the remains of their kin, as Aranthis says they are wont to do. The very sight of the twisted infants, a mockery of innocence, nauseated me even more then their slain caretakers.

But there was one last horror to be found. Hidden away as a final bastion of defense against intrusion was a hound of hell. Though I have heard of such beasts, I never thought to lay eyes on one. It appeared to have been magically leashed, but its kobold master had met with a grisly fate – we found only his disembodied hand still manacled to the leash. No doubt he found his final resting place in the belly of the beast. We effectively surrounded the hound, and though it fought with fangs and great gouts of fire, it had little chance against so many.

Within this secret chamber we found our first treasure, a chest of coins and two vials of liquid. More interesting was a large copper-colored egg on a velvet-covered pedestal. The rudimentary trap on the chest was fairly simple to disable. The egg was also trapped, but this trap proved a bit more subtle – at least for those in our band who have no experience with such devices.

After reviving a number of our party from the noxious gases, a thorough search of the chamber revealed one final secret. Within a hidden alcove, that seemed to serve as an incubator, nested a second large egg! This one was rather leathery and had a much more organic look than the first. A closer inspection of the first copper egg revealed it to be a dupe. It had been fabricated to appear as a griffin’s egg, complete with the corpse of an infant griffin inside. But I am convinced we have found the true prize – the leather egg. Now if we can just get it into the hands of someone who knows what to do with it – or will at least pay us handsomely for it!

Below I have sketched the fortress, as we left it.

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Day 6: Respite

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I write this entry from the mess hall of the kobold cave – more accurately described as a small fortress. After fighting our way through more than 20 of the demons, we have barricaded the doors leading deeper into the fortress and my companions have settled down for an uneasy evening.

It was a vicious battle, due to a number of missteps – initially on my part. Stealthily traversing the open area leading to the cave proved an impossible task, and a small group of kobold guards was ready. I took an arrow before I knew what hit me – thank Pelor for the monk and barbarian. Ji’Etah and Grog covered my retreat in a flurry of fists, feet, and steel. Unfortunately, one of the guards was able to escape and raise the alarm.

Soon thereafter, one of our number fell victim to a pit trap – one that I should have been looking for. Ji E’tah and Grog were grievously injured leading the charge against the kobolds entrenched within this very room. Such foolhardy heroics I have never seen! But in a strange sort of way it was a beautiful watching their mighty blows, strengthened by their disregard for their own safety, turn the tide of battle.

Though my comrades are comfortable here, I’ll not be sleeping over the bodies of my fallen foes – better to sup and slumber in the open air.

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